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We "the team of Yazeed Postharvest Technology website  spent months working in the fields, and now have a bountiful harvest of beautiful fruits and vegetables. You want to ensure that growers will also enjoy this healthy harvest. How can you best maintain the quality and safety of your produce as it travels from the field to the table? How can produce be stored so that it does not need to be sold immediately? High-quality, disease-free produce with a good shelf life is a result of sound production practices, proper handling during harvest, and appropriate postharvest handling and storage.......


Our Vision


Globally competitive fresh Jordanian agricultural commodities characterized by dynamic and responsive postharvest technologies.


Our Mission


Our mission is to support Jordanian diverse Postharvest horticulture industries through research and extension. Our goal is to generate and disseminate information so that perishable horticultural commodities are delivered to consumers’ fresh, safe, nutritious and in the form consumers’ desire.


Our Goals


·        Reduce postharvest losses, maintain quality and increase value of agricultural products.

·        Enable the smallholders and various stakeholders in the industry to engage in profitable postharvest ventures.

·        Advocate policies that would enhance the development of the postharvest industry.


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